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At a glance: manufacturers with asbestos based products
Asbestos Catalogs  Armstrong industrial asbestos insulation
    Asbestos Floats
    Sprayed-on "Limpet" asbestos
    Travelon weather deck tile
    Travelon elastic base sheet
Asbestos Building Materials  Atlas asbestos building materials
    Atlasite insulation
    Bipanel insulated sheathing
    Insulpanel roof, siding, and partitions
    Molded asbestos-cement curtain walls
    Asbestos-cement Cavity and "T" Roof Decking
    Trafford tile
    Trafford corrugated board
Asbestos Catalog  Baldwin-Ehret-Hill industrial & commercial asbestos insulations
    Thermasil pipe insulation
    Thermasil block insulation
    Mono-spray thermal insulation
    Insulating cement
Commercial Asbestos Products  Barrett industrial asbestos materials
    Elastigum roof coatings
    Bar-Fire Shingles
Residential Asbestos Materials  Celotex asbestos building materials
    Cemestos Insulation
    Asbestos-cement panels
    Pre-Engineered cemestos homes
    Perforated asbestos sound panels
Asbestos Catalogue  Eagle-Picher asbestos insulation products
    85% Magnesia asbestos
    Asbestos pipe insulation
    Asbestos paper
    Asbestos millboard
    Asbestos rollboard
    Asbestos cement
Industrial Asbestos Products  Flintkote interior/exterior asbestos building products
    Rexalt industrial roof coating
    Vincor commercial floor tile
    Asbestos-cement house shingles
    Asbestos-cement house siding
    Tapetex residential siding
    Waveline residential siding
    Tile-tex wall tile
    Flexachrome floor tile
    Mura-tex plastic wall tile
    Thermalkote emulsion
    Montecello American Method asbestos shingles
Commercial Asbestos Catalogues  GAF residential asbestos building materials
    Panelstone asbestos-cement sheeting
    Corrugated asbestos-cement sheeting
    Vinyl asbestos floor tile
    Asbestos base felt insulation
    Asbestos combination flashing
Asbestos Paper  H.K. Porter asbestos conveyor and elevator belts
    Power transmission belts
    Conveyor belts
    Elevator belts
    Oil field products
Asbestos Rollboard  Johns-Manville residential/industrial asbestos building materials
     Vulcabestos Insulation Asbestos roof shingles
     Asbestos flexboard Transite walls
     Flexstone asbestos roofs Asphalt-saturated asbestos felt
     Colorlith school chalkboard Corrugated asbestos Transite sheets
     Asbestos wainscoting Colorbestos home siding
     Colorbestos roof slate Asphalt floor tile
     Asbestogard felt Asbestogard adhesives
     Asbestos-sponge insulation Asbestocel sheets & blocks
     Asbestos paper Asbestos millboard
     Asbestos roll board Therm-o-bestos insulation
     Insulating cement W.R. Transite
     Transite vent pipe & stacks Asbestos ebony
     Asbestos roll fire-felt 85% Magnesia blocks
     Asbestocel pipe insulation Corrugated Transite roofing
     Terraflex plastic-asbestos tile Seperax insulation
     Fibrocel insulation Vitribestos sheets
     Asbestotile Flashing Asphalt-saturated asbestos felt
     Insulkote weatherproofing Thermostone transitop
     Glasal flexboard Tedlar flexboard
     Permastone asbestos-cement flexboard Superex blocks
     Transite ventilators Transite pipe
     Asbestos roof shingles Asbestos siding shingles
     Colorbestos roof shingles Colorbestos roof slate
     Salem asbestos roof shingles Smoothgrain asbestos home siding
     Transite acoustical panels Perforated Transite
     Stonehedge architectual panels Transitop asbestos roofing
     Transitop asbestos panels Transite Korduct
     Transite Conduit
Asbestos Ebony  Keasbey & Mattison corrugated asbestos building materials
    Century asbestos shingles
    Century asbestos-cement siding
    Century asbestos corrugated roofing
    Century asbestos corrugated siding
    Linabestos siding
    85% Magnesia pipe insulation
    Hy-temp pipe insulation
    Bestfelt pipe insulation
    Asbestos paper
    Asbestos roll board
    Asbestos millboard
    Asbestos cement
    Featherweight 85% Magnesia insulation
Asbestos Insulation  National Gypsum interior/exterior asbestos business building products
    Gold Bond perforated asbestos panels
    Gold Bond asbestos-grid panels
    Gold Bond corrugated roofing
    Gold Bond insulating cement
    Gold Bond asbestos-cement foamboard
    Gold Bond soffit panels
    Plia-f-lex asbestos-cement sheets
    Sprayed "Limpet" asbestos
Asbestos Floor Tile  Owens-Corning asbestos insulation products
    Kaylo insulation block
    Kaylo-20 insulation
    Kaylo pipe insulation
    Kaylo roof tile
Asbestos Wall Tile  Philip Carey asbestos roofing and insulation materials
     7RF Floats Tar-saturated asbestos felt
     Caerycel board Asbestos millboard
     85% Magnesia Caereyduct pre-fab air ducts
     Roofing felt Careytemp cement
     Careytemp adhesives Fire-Chex Shingles
     Asbestos sponge Excel insulating cement
     Vitricel asbestos sheets Asbestos panel boards
     Asbestos paper Asbestos tank jackets
     Careystone asbestos-cement shingles Careystone asbestos-cement siding
     Asbestos-cement wallboard Careystone corrugated roofing
     Careystone corrugated siding Careycel insulated sheathing
Asbestos Siding  Pittsburgh-Corning asbestos insulation and roofing products
    Asbestos-cement board
    Amosite asbestos
    Unibestos pipe insulation
    Unibestos block & sheet
    Unibestos felt
    Unarco insulating cement
Asbestos Shingles  Ruberoid residential/industrial asbestos products
     Stonewall asbestos-cement board Color-grain asbestos siding
     Asbestos felt Asbestos-cement shingles
     Corrugated asbestos-cement sheets Asbestos millboard
     Asbestos pipe covering Fire-Guard asphalt shingle
     Vinyl-asbestos floor tile Stonewall building board
     Asbescoat Perforated asbestos sheet
     Asphalt-saturated asbestos felt Tar-saturated asbestos felt
     Corrugated asbestos sheets Timbertex asbestos shingles
     Mt. Vernon asbestos shingles Vitramic asbestos siding
     T/NA 100 insulating jacketing Asbestos paper
     Asbestos millboard Asbestos roll board
     Asbestos cement Asbestos alectrolytic paper
     Asbestos furnace tape
Asbestos Cement  U.S. Gypsum asbestos roofing and prefab wall components
    Asbestos-cement foamboard
    Asbestos-cement sheathing
    Glatex asbestos-cement siding
    Asbestos ceiling board

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